Paint correction detail will completely restore back your paintwork

Professional car detailing & paint correction specialist - We cover Bedfordshire,Milton Keynes,Luton Northampton,Buckinghamshire,

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Swissvax, Gtechniq mobile car detailing and paint protection for prestige / exclusive vehicles.
Unfortunately after a few years your car will pick up the usual swirl marks that come from poor washing techniques and the paintwork looking dull?. Although cleaning and waxing will clean and protect your paint, the shine and protection will be compromised if the paint is badly damaged.

Paint correction detail is designed to completely restore your paint to as close to factory finish as possible, and judging by our customers comments, a finish that is often even better than when the car was first delivered. We use a large range of compounds and polishing pads. We work on a small area at a time, examining it after each polishing phase to make sure we are safely removing as many swirl marks as possible. During the process we aim to polish out 95 % - 99 % of the swirl marks in your car paint, usually with a 2-3 stage paint correction process.

The finish left from our paint correction detail often needs to be seen to be believed. It can also last for years, as long as the car is properly maintained after the detail. We can give you tips on products and washing methods that will help ensure you keep your car looking as good as the day it was detailed. We then apply swissvax or gtechniq ceramic glass coating to protect aganist swirls.

Whilst this detail can be carried out at any point in the car,s life, it is common for customers to book it just after buying a used car, or just prior to selling one. Detailing a used car can help deliver that "new car" experience often missing from a used car purchase, similar, the car will sell quicker and for greater value, often more then making up for the cost of the detail.

For all your car detailing & paint protection requirements? - Call us today - We cover whole of UK.


Pre sale paint correction detail taken 20 hours to correct paintwork

BMW M4 booked in for paint correction detail & swissvax paint protection detail

To remove swirl marks / holograms in paintwork, this will improve gloss to paint

Having a professional car detail will transform your vehicle,s appearance


Car detailing in bedfordshire,milton keynes,luton,


All the dirt / dust is pressure washed off the vehicle ready for machine polishing

Client been going to the local hand car wash, doing more harm than good

For all your car detailing and paint protection requirements,call us today

safely machine polished to leave a deep high gloss finish

50/50 image showing right hand side been corrected, massive results

Swirl marks are safely machine polished to leave a deep high gloss finish

Free demo on your car to show you want we can achieve, call today for more info

This paint correction detail taken 20 hours

Swissvax in bedfordshire,milton keynes,luton,


This paint correction detail taken 20 hours to do, all depending on paint condition

Swissvax in beds,bucks,cambs,herts, london and all surrounding areas

Client amazed with the attention to detail

Buying a new car soon? - let us prepare and protect it for you

Poor washing techniques will damage your paintwork, call Smartshine today

Detailing clay is used to remove contaminants from the paintwork

Client amazed with the attention to detail,better than dealership prep

Experience and skill to transform your car

Experience and skill to transform your car-better than showroom finish

End results, client amazed with mirror finish now!, better than new condition

After paint correction this process increase paintwork's depth & high gloss finish

For anyone looking for car detailing?, you wont be disappointed with Smartshine

Mobile paint correction

50/50 image of paint corrected on door panel what a difference!

Mobile paint correction specialist in beds,bucks,cambs,herts,london

Call us for more in depth discussion and consultation regarding your vehicle

Used car sales, swirl marks in paintwork

Is your paintwork looking dull?

Paint protection in bedfordshire,milton keynes,luton

Is your paintwork looking dull?, call the experts, vehicle appearance specialist

We look forward to working on your cherished vehicle soon

Pre sale car detail ready for sale now

passion for transformations

Smartshine car detailing have over 10 years detailing experience

Smartshine car detailing specialist have a real passion for transformations

Swirl marks / holograms are removed

Supercar car dealer? - looking for a professional car detailer?, Call us

Porsche 911 l

After paint correction, we apply swissvax protective coating

For unbeatable durability for show car shine for 6 months+

Porsche 911 looks absolutely amazing

We are car detailing company for ASM Performance in Milton Keynes

Ferrari 458 Italia

Paint correction detail complete on Ferrari 458 Italia

Paint correction has removed swirl marks

Beautifully glossy paintwork now

Ferrari car detailing in beds,bucks,cambs,herts,london

Ferrari paint protection

Perfectionsist work with attention to detail, money will spent on detail

Time spent on paint correction - 12 hours

Give your car a new lease of life

Ferrari paint protection in beds,bucks,cambs,herts,london

Porsche GT4

Paint correction in beds,bucks,cambs,


Removing swirl marks from paintwork

Let us prepare you new car properly

We are booked to prepare Porsche GT4 with gtechniq ceramic glass coatings

Porsche GT4

Paint correction in london,chelsea,mayfair

Porsche GT4 gtechniq new car detail

Gtechniq will protect against swirls

Professional car detailing and paint protection in beds,bucks,cambs,herts

Porsche GT4

Brand new Porsche GT4 full of swirl marks, poor dealership prep!

Shocking to see this on a brand new car!

Porsche GT4 will need paint correction to remove swirls before apply gtechniq

The end results are truly fantastic after this process, will worth the money

Porsche GT4

Free paintwork inspection and quotes given, call for more details

End results, amazing flawless finish

Client very happy with hard work and attention to detail on his Porsche GT4

You be amazed with your car detail after Harvey has worked his magic

Porsche GT3 RS

Porsche GT3 RS booked in for paint correction and gtechniq coatings

During paint correction all swirl marks are salely removed for a massive difference

Client just bought his new car and is lacking its shine, dont let dealership wash

Car dealerships will protect car in 1hour

 Porsche GT3

Gtechniq in bedfordshire,milton keynes,luton,


Image showing where tape is on, example of swirls which are on this Porsche GT3

We have seen so many new cars poorly prepped at car dealeships

We spend 2 detailers - 8-12hours to do

Great care and attention

Porsche car detailing in bedfordshire,millton keynes,luton

Great care and attention (Concours Detail)

Our work is not rushed, we finish when we are 100% happy with the finish

Gtechniq paint protection will last 5 years

Porsche GT3 RS

We apply the same level of expertise, care & attention to detail

Porsche GT3 RS - gtechniq new car detail using crystal lacquer and 2 coats of exo

Thank you Harvey for a amazing job on Porsche GT3 RS, this will sell fast!

Buying a new car soon? - let us prepare it

Porsche 911 Turbo after paint correction detail

Show car preparation by the expert car detailing company serving all of the UK

Time spent - 16 hours work

Smartshine has transformed my Porsche 911 Turbo

Award winning car detailing on Porsche 911 Turbo - The finish says it all

Car detailing in london,fulham,kensington

Porsche 911 Turbo before paint correction detail

Porsche 911 Turbo in need of a spring clean car detail after winter storage

Swissvax wax is applied to paintwork

Vehicle appearance speacialist - end results for amazing high gloss

After receiving a Paint Correction detail by Smartshine Car Detailing

Unbeatable gloss finish with Swissvax wax

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