Used car swissvax protection to transform your car appearance

Smartshine car detailing and paint protection is a leading car detailing company offering services across the whole of the UK. Professional mobile car detailing for prestige / exclusivevehicles.

Smartshine car detailing have developed a cost effective range of car detailing & paint protection services to transform your vehicle,s appearance. Call today for all your car detailing requirements.

The coating / protection is long lasting and will help your car remain cleaner for longer by shrugging off dirt and cleaning itself in heavy rain. Protecting your investment with gtechniq.

For high level of protection - For unbeatable durability for months - Protecting your investment from the beginning - Make your car stand out from the rest with beautifully glossy paintwork

Call us for more in depth discussion and consultation regarding your vehicle. We look forward on working on your cherished vehicle soon.

The benefits your vehicle will have once it has had a used car paint protection detail. Below is a Audi S5 booked for used car paint protection detail, stage by stage the whole vehicle is detailed inside and out. Includes everything from engine bay, detailing clay, leathers are cleaned and treated, apply premium products from Swissvax / Zaino / G Techniq. We apply the same level of expertise, care and attention to detail to each vehicle we work on regardless of marque or value. Give your vehicle the care it deserves - Transforming the look of your vehicle after a car detail.


This detail is designed to spring clean your vehicle inside and out. While not provide the same amazing transformation as our gloss enhancement details & paint correction details, will still improve the look of your vehicle by masking minor paint defects on your vehicle and adding a high gloss with depth to your paint. We use premium paint protection products from Swissvax / Zaino / G Techniq for high level of protection. Which extends the life of your paintwork by protecting it from UV radiation, road salt, etching and bird droppings. Used car paint protection detail on your car can take the whole day ( 8 hours work) depending on its condition.

On arrival booked swissvax car detail on Audi S5

Audi S5 booked for swissvax paint protection car detail

The leading mobile car detailing company in beds,bucks,cambs,herts,


Excessive brake dust build up on wheels and dirt

Lets start to detail this stunning Audi S5 - Pressure wash car first to remove dirt

Our professional car detailing goes that extra mile with our high quality services

Snow foam pre wash applied to Audi S5 for a safe car wash process

Left to dwell for 15 mins / to loosen dirt and then is pressure washed off

To maintain your vehicles pristine appearance all the time in safe hands

Washing the wheels with a soft brush, faces and inside wheels

Cleaning the wheels with acid free gel - Removing brake dust safely

Transforming the look of your vehicle with a professional car detail

After washing using safe 2 bucket pwashing technique process

It is very important to dry the car using microfiber drying towels

The quality of work that Harvey applies is absolutely excellent top draw service

Paintwork surface are properly cleaned with detailing clay bar

Paint contamination removed by detail clay - overspray / industrial fallout

Harvey is a perfectionist with his skills and has 10 years car detailing experience

Mufflers / Exhaust tips are dirty black, metail polish these

Polishing exhaust tips so they are clean in the detail as well

Using the correct products to detail and knowhow

Engine bay in need of a detail clean, which is also detailed

We take great care is taken around the car and engine bay at all times

Engine bay is cleaned and plastics are dressed

Swissvax car detailing in london,knightsbridge,


You can trust Smartshine car detailing company with your vehicle

We have the skill to transform your vehicle back life with a swissvax car detail

Swissvax car detailing in mayfair,belgravia,


To give you amazing results and the best protection to your vehicle

Our car detailing is not rushed in any way ,finished when we are happy

Interior is deep cleaned and leather are treated and protected

The average car detail can take 8 - 14 hours to complete, depending on car

Your pride and joy with the benefit of beautifully glossy paintwork

Swissvax high carnauba wax / best of show wax is applied on Audi S5

For stunning results of the highest quality with swissvax carnauba wax

Superior protection from contamination and uv rays

Wheels coated with swissvax autobabn wheel wax protection

To protect alloy wheels and easy cleaning in the future, protecting your wheels

The wheels are protected from brake dust and future easy maintenance cleaning

Applied swissvax / best of show wax left to cure for a few minutes

While the wax is applied, polish the doorshuts and all the edges

Go round Audi S5 making sure it is looking amazing ready for client to see

Finished car detail on Audi S5 by smartshine car detailing specialist

Mobile swissvax Car Detailier - Time spent : 9 hours work

Swissvax / Zaino / G Techniq Car Detailing in london,knightsbridge,chelsea,mayfair

Audi S5 after receiving a swissvax paint protection detail by smartshine

Flawless finish from Smartshine car detailing concours car perfection

Give us a call today / free demo / inspection of your paintwork, machine polish demo

Dirt picked up by detailing clay on Porsche Boxster

This contamination affects all paint finishes and its safely removed to restore a smooth finish

Paint Porsche Boxster booked in for swissvax used car paint protection detail

After receiving a used car paint protection detail on Porsche Boxster

Beautiful deep lustre finish / money will spent on professional car detailing service, call for more details today

Amazing shine to paintwok after car detail from Smartshine car detailing

Stage 1 machine polish to remove swirl marks and to enhance paintwork

Jaguar XK8 receiving a gloss enhancement detail & paint protection using swissvax

Protecting your investment with premium products we use on your vehicle

Porsche after receiving a swissvax used car paint protection detail back to life now!

The coating is long lasting & will help your car remain cleaner for longer

Bespoke car transformations from Smartshine car detailing

Apply swissvax paint protection coating on BMW M3

BMW M3 booked for spring car detail - Time spent : 8 hours of work

Smartshine Car Detailing Specialist - Where time has no limit. quality comes first

BMW M3 after receiving a used car paint protection detail

My car has never looked this good at the showroom!, money will spent on car detail

Call Smartshine Car Detailing Specialist today - Unrivalled car detailing experience

Used Car - swissvax paint protection detail on Porsche 911 Turbo

Professional car detailing from Smartshine cardetailing that cares for your vehicle

Porsche receiving a used car swissvax paint protection detail - beautiful deep lustre finish

Finished protection detail on Porsche 911 Turbo using swissvax

Attention to detail on every vehicle we work on regardless of marque or value

Porsche 911 after receiving a used car paint protection detail - we have the skill to tranform your car

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