This new BMW X5 protection with GTechniq long life coating

Buying a New Car? - Let us prepare it for you - GTechniq will out last any protection that the dealerships will over you.

This can be carried out at the dealership or at your home 7 days a week

BMW X5 - New Car Paint Protection Detail with GTechniq Long Life Coating - Client requested long life protection with low maintenance so Gtechniq is perfect.

Contamination still left on brand new BMW X5 client has picked up

We will remove these before protecting car by full clay bar each panels

Car dealership handover with scratches still on brand new car

Shocking car dealership preparation, car is rushed cleaning and prep in very poor!

New car detail preparation with gtechniq ceramic paint protection

We have done many new cars and clients come to us become we care for your car -

My brand new car looks even better now than car dealership preparation

GTechniq will last 10 times longer than car dealerships supagard, diamondbrite,

Dealership will take 1 hour to prepare

We have see some shocking car preparation

Gtechniq paint protection will last for 5 years Gtechniq new car detail will take 1 day,prepare

GTechniq maintenance car detailing plan - Gtechniq top - up detail

Iron X removing baked on brake dust and iron fillings

We can re apply gtechniq C5 to wheels

Luxury mobile car detailing - Snow foam BMW X5 and wash with swirl free paintwork by professional detailer

Smartshine car detailing will take time and pride in their work with 10 years experience

Looking for quality? - You wont be dissapointed with our car detailing services

Gtechniq ceramic coatings will give amazing finish and prevent against swirl marks and future low maintenance car cleaning

Customers vehicle,s look spectacular and transformation - Without the swirl marks you get at the road hand car wash!

Buying a new car soon? - Ask yourself,do you want dealesrship to prepare your car quick?

Charge you £400+ for a load of rubbish,we use the best ceramic protection on the market

Gtechniq in Beds,Bucks,Cambs,Herts,London We can carry out this new car detail at your car dealership before you pick it up

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