Gtechniq C1 will outlast 10 times longer than Supagard

Mobile Gtechniq Car Detailing to give your Brand New Car the best start from the begining using Gtechniq C1 glass coating.This New Car Protection Detail can be carried out at your Dealership.

We where contacted by our customer who is taking delivery of his brand new BMW 2 Series (Estoril Blue) this month and asked the question, i am aware that the factory finish could be better (higher gloss).I prefer a glaze/sealant rather than Autoglym Lifeshine,Supagard, Diamondbrite offered to me by the dealership.We recommend our customer Gtechniq fits the perfect bill and will give your new car the perfect start from the begining.We told the dealership not to touch the car / leave all protective transportation covers still attached and dont wash the car !!!, leave it all to us.

Customer arrived on Monday to pick up his new brand BMW 2 series and was amazed by the amazing high gloss shine on the paintwork,all sales mangers commented all the cars should look this good in the showroom.Harvey you have spent the whole day perfecting this brand new BMW 2 Series well done.We will highly recommend you. All the best.


BMW 218d - New car gtechniq protection detail at car dealership

Brand new car left with protective transportation covers still in attached

Leave car washing to us, that way no swirl marks can be inflicted to car paintwork


Gtechniq C1 and EXO is applied to the paintwork for ultra durable coatings

The owner was keen to maximise the level of protection and future low maintenance

With the paintwork now looking good as new it was ready for Gtechniq C1 and EXO


Whilst waiting for the sealant to cure the BMW,s windows are coated

Sealed using Gtechniq G1 ClearVision Smart Glass - Rain water to bead off now


Paintwork now fully cured ready for EXO to give further protection

Brand New BMW 218d M Sport receives Gtechniq C1 crystal laquer coatings


Whats special about Gtechniq C1 crystal lacquer?

Gtechniq C1 offers the following additional benefits, ultra durability, scratch resistance


Gtechniq C5 alloy wheel armour provides barrier against brake dust

Smartshine Car Detailing have astounded me by the level of shine - Harvey is a Perfectionist


Mercedes SLK 200 - booked for new car detail with gtechniq C1 coatings

Highly experienced gtechniq car detailer with over 10 years experience in this trade


Lets start this detail with the wheels first... Iron X to remove brake dust

Iron x working on alloy wheels to remove brake dust and iron particles


Snow foam the vehicle to break up all the dirt on the vehicle

G wash formulated to work in harmony with gtechniq range of coatings


Always using the 2 bucket method to reduce the risk of swirl marks

Using a incredimitt wash mitt to wash the car and cleaning mitt using clean wash bucket


Customers use Smartshine Car Detailing because we go that extra mile in service! - Attention to detail

Engine is all cleaned and plastics are dressed for all new car detail booked with Smartshine


The light interior Leathers on the Mercedes SLK are coated with gtechniq L1 leather guard

This will stop any jeans dye transfer to leathers


Buying a New Car ? - Let us prepare it for you! -Dont let dealerships touch it

Why use Gtechniq on my brand new car? - Ceramic coating will bond to paintwork


Mercedes SLK Cavansite Blue Metallic looks fantastic with gechniq C1

Gtechniq will last 10 times longer than any other protective coatings dealerships use


Mercedes CL63 AMG - booked for gtechniq new car detail

Nano technology unbeatable durability and gloss for cars - Low car maintenance now


Why choose Smartshine Car Detailing for protecting your new car?

Harvey is a perfectionist and his work say it all! - Just look at the awesome finish!


In tests C1 + outlasted dealer applied sealants by at least 10 times


Scratch resistance C1 forms a sub -micro crystalline film, scratch resistant


Give us a call today to give your brand new car the perfect start in safe hands


Smartshine Car Detailing have done a amazing Gtechniq protection detail

Most car dealership will charge you £600+ to protect your new car

Its applied very poorly and the protection washing off after a few months

Smartshine Car Detailing will prepare your new car to a very high standard

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