Buying a new car soon? - Let us prepare and protect it for you

Here we have a few vehicles that came in for our new car paint protection detail with Gtechniq C1 long life surface coatings which last up to 5 years, protect your new car against swirl marks.

Gtechniq C1 crystal lacquer chemically bonds with paintwork to become the new surface layer of your vehicle.The strong bond gives unbeatable resistance to UV,dirt and water making the surface highly scratch and swirl resistant and much easier to clean!. Protecting your investment properly.

Our gtechniq new car preparation detail is designed to ensure that your new car reaches you in perfect condition, better than showroom finish and fully protected inside and out.

If required,we can carry out this detail at the dealership.There is no need to have the dealership,s valeter,s touch the car. We will remove all protection film and transport wax safely.

Your vehicle,s wheels and paintwork will then be completely cleaned.The paintwork will then be deep cleansed and decontaminated, before being hand polished and sealed with either a high quality carnauba wax or ceramic coatings for long lasting protection.The interior will be also be deep cleansed,with any leathers also be conditioned / protected with gtechniq L1 leather guard.

Gtechniq mobile car detailing in Beds,Bucks,Cambs,Herts,London

Gtechniq new car detail on Evoque

Gtechniq paint protection, car detailing in beds,bucks,cambs,herts,london

Buying a new car soon? - Let us prepare it for you properly!

Snow foam applied to dwell for 10 mins

New car paint protection detailing in london,knightsbridge,chelsea,mayfair

Gtechniq C1 is applied for long lasting protection for your car

C1 forms a submicron 100% clear quartz film which is extremely hard & provides a durable surface that repels water & dirt

Our Gtechniq coatings last 10 times longer than what dealership uses

G1 Clearvision Smart Glass is used on glass - Rain repellent last up to 15-20,000 miles, Excellent on glass and windscreen

C5 wheel armour is applied to alloy wheels making them dirt and brake dust repellent, easy to clean

A single application lasts up to 18 months and very low car washing maintenance

L1 leather guard protection is applied to leather to prevent dye transfer on to pale leather seating

Leather guard is ultra durable and stain resistant coatings, especial light colour

Detailed brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee using Gtechniq C1, EXO

Using gtechniq crystal lacquer coatings to protect car against future swirl marks

Having applied a coat of gtechniq exo for even more slickness gloss appearance

Buying a new car? Let us prepare it for you? - Professional car detailing

My new car now looks stunning after a professional car detail by Smarthine

Gtechniq crystal lacquer will last up to 5 years on your vehicle, long lasting coating

Audi RS 5 protected with gtechniq total surface protection

Gtechniq mobile car detailing in beds, bucks,cambs,herts,london,knightsbridge

Gtechniq paint protection specialist in beds,bucks,cambs,herts,london

Gtechniq new car detail, glass, wheels protection on Audi RS5

Gtechniq exo is applied over the top vinyl film which has been applied to vehicle

We can carry out gtechniq new car paint protection at your home or car dealership

Gtechniq C5 wheel armour coating is applied to alloy wheels

Independently proven to outlast other rim coatings will protect wheels against - road grime - brake dust - surface scratching

Gtechniq G1/2 is applied to glass for exceptional rain repellant

G1/G2 unrivalled durability - ClearVision smart glass for 15-20,000 miles, use less wiper blades now in the rain

Gtechniq new car paint protection on Porsche Cayman using C1 & EXO

Give your new vehicle the perfect finish with gtechniq C1 ceramic glass coatings

Mobile gtechniq car detailing at your home 7 days week, just need indoor space

Car detailing in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire

Gtechniq new car detail on Audi A4, receiving C1 crystal lacquer coatings

Car dealership,s charge £400+ for paint protection on your new car

Stunning finish on Porsche Cayman after Gtechniq new car detail

Give Smartshine car detailing a call to prepare your new car properly

Money will spent on a professional car detail, massive difference now to car

Gtechniq new car paint protection in London,Knightsbridge,Chelsea

Master mobile car detailer comes to you, Harvey takes pride in his car detailing

Its prepared poorly and is done in 1 hour,Harvey spent all day on my car!.

Porsche GT4

Porsche GT4 booked in today for Gtechniq new car detail

Gtechniq car detailing in bedfordshire, buckinghamshire, milton keynes, cambridgeshire, northampton,

ready for polishing

Start detail with safe car wash to remove all dirt ready for polishing

Gtechniq car detailing in hertfordshire, surrey, central london, mayfair, chelsea, Knighsbridge

Porsche GT4

Shocking to see brand new Porsche full of swirl marks on the paintwork

Paintwork has to be swirl free before we can apply gtechniq ceramic coatings


This is why we tell our clients, tell car dealership not to wash the car!

Masked up ready for paint correction to remove swirls and to enhance paintwork

Porsche car

Image showing Porsche car dealership have sent this car out

Leave the new car preparation for us to do,its 12 hours now to correct paintwork

Car dealerships would of applied protection on to damaged paintwork

Porsche mobile car detailing in beds,bucks,cambs,herts,london


50/50 image showing swirls now safely removed on the right side

Paintwork safely machine polished ready for gtechniq C1and exo to be applied

Speak to us first to prepare your brand new car properly!

Porsche gtechniq paint protection in beds,bucks,cambs,herts,london

porsche gt4

Porsche GT4 after reeciving a gtechniq new car protection detail

Thank you Harvey for all your hard work, car now looks even better than new!

Very happy with the finish, applied gtechniq C1 and exo to paintwork

Porsche GT4

Time spent 9 hours, 2 detailers, client happy with attention to detail

Highly recommend Smartshine car detailing to prepare your pride of joy

Gtecchniq Paint Protection detail start from £400, call us today for more details

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