Mercedes S63 AMG - Gtechniq C1 crystal lacquer glass coatings

Our premium Gtechniq new car protection detail, this will outlast any other protection you may have usedin the past. With our Gtechniq protection detail packages you not only get outstanding gloss and colour appearance, you also get incredibly low maintenance smart surfaces that require less cleaning less often and require much less effort to clean.

Gtechniq is the most popular paint protection on the market and we can carry out new car detail at your chosen car dealership before you drive car away with protection that will last 10 times longet than what the car dealerships use. Smartshine Car detailing will ensure you your new car is prepared properly and this work will take 6-8 hours to carry out this gtechniq new car detail.

Clients are amazed with the attention to detail we put into every car we detail and the end results. My new car looked good before, but what a big difference in having a professional car detailing company carry out your new car protection that take pride in their work.

Gtechniq in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, London, Knightsbridge

Buying a new car soon? - Let us prepare it for you properly! - Call Harvey today 07773614256

Mercedes S63

Mercedes S63 booked for gtechniq new car paint protection detail

Brand new car suffering with swirl marks due to poor car dealership prep!

Tell car dealership not to wash your brand new car, leave the preparation for us to do

I have been using Smartshine car detailing for the past few years, highly recommend

jeep wrangler

Gtechniq C1 crystal lacquer is the leading protection on the market

Gtechniq new car detail will take 1 day to do, depending car condition

Functional surface of your rims making them dirt and brake dust repellent

Client very happy with the finish, paintwork looks so shiny now!

Mercedes S63

Protecting your new car with ceramic glass coatings against swirl marks

Full paint correction detail to remove swirl marks before we can apply gtechniq

2 day detail for massive difference to paintwork now, coated with C1 and exo

I am always amazed with Harvey,s attention to detail, takes pride in his work

Jeep Wrangler

Let us prepare your new car properly with gtechniq coatings

Chemically bonds to become the new surface layer of your car. Gtechniq lacquer

Car dealership prep cars very poor so i contact Smartshine car detailing for help

Buying a new car soon? - let us prepare and protect it with protection that lasts


BMW M3 booked in for gtechniq serum & exo for super slick finish

Gtechniq which leaves an incredible deep gloss shine. Smartshine car detailing have done a amazing job on my M3, will high recommend them, You will be amazed


Gtechniq in beds, bucks,cambs, herts,belgravia,mayfair,

chelsea knightsbridge,london,


BMW 2 series booked in for gtechniq new car detail,told dealership not to touch car

Protective film still on car, we will remove this and wash car the correct way

Buying a new car soon? - Have it professional car detailed by Smartshine


Gtechniq new car paint protection detail with serum & exo coatings

The most hydrophobic surface seen so far, rain just runs off. Harvey has a passion and his work speaks for itself!. His wok is not rushed,car now cleans so easy

Audi TTS

Audi TTS receving gtechniq new car detail using C1 and exo

Gtechniq crystal lacguer and 2 coats of exo applied for stunning flawless finish

Leather guard offers best of its type against staining and durability


I booked in this new car preparation after the owner seen details and reviews of the gtechniq coatings

Gtechniq will last 10 times longer that what car dealerships use supagard,

We can prepare your new car at your car dealership before you pick car up

No matter what make of car we will give the same attention to detail

Audi TTS

Gtechniq new car detail to protect your investment and stunning finish

Gtechniq new car paint protection detail in knightsbridge, mayfair, chelsea, london,

Money will spent on a professional car detail by Smartshine car detailing

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