Smartshine Car Detailing in London

Car valeting in Bedfordshire and all surrounding areas

Bedforshire No1 car valeting,detailing, paint protection

End of lease/hire return, car valet

To avoid heavy penalty charges

Customer has just bought new car and needs a full valet service, hot steam clean seats to restore back to new again

Heavy dirt stains on seats and carpets

Attention to detail - Quality car valeting

Car valeting in cranfield,barton le clay,potton,wootton,oakley,turvey

Use a professional car valeting company to wash your car properly

Audi TT

Unrivalled car valeting from the basis of our obsession to offer quality service

Audi TT - before full showroom valet

Give your car a showroom car valet

Pre - sale full car valet on Fiat 500 ready for sale ready for sale

Fiat 500

Customer seen our work and called Smartshine to valet his pride and joy

Deep cleany mouldy green hood

Harvey takes pride in his work, the only car valeting company i would highly recommend for car valeting

Back to new your hood is professional cleaned and waterproof

Fiat 500 convertible

Customer picked up new Fiat 500 convertible - In need of gtechniq hood protection treatment detail

Client bought new Mini - We where called to look after the cars weekly

nourishing the paintwork

Removing surface contaminants, nourishing the paintwork, Harvey is a perfectionist, highest car care

Buying a new car soon? - Let us prepare and protect it properly for you

Harvey does a amazing job every time

Detailing clay is used to remove surface bonded contaminants

Removing tree sap, overspray and stubborn road grime from paintwork

Restoring a smooth surface to your paint

We also offer car detailing services

Client's that want their cars looking perfect all year round

Protecting your investment

Protecting your investment by choosing us to have your hood protected with gtechniq fabric protection

BMW receiving a swissvax paint protection detail ready for the winter months ahead


Protecting your investment by choosing us to have your hood protected with gtechniq fabric protection

Range Rover Sport receiving a new car paint protection preparation

Range Rover Sport

Customers choose us because we deliver an 100% incredibly finish & are Bedfordshire,s only car valeting company to use snow foam wash mitts for quality

Vehicle is washed with great care - Not like 10 min wash at car wash

Vehicle is washed with great care

Dirty water, sponges, causing swirl marks in paintwork, Call the expert first, vehicle appearance specialist

Buying a new car - Let us prepare it for you? - London car detailing

 sportscar car dealerships

Harvey exception eye for attention to detail for amazing finish

Hire / sportscar car dealerships are welcome to use our services and expertise

Gtechniq new car paint preparation at your car dealership or home

Buying a new car? - let Smartshine car detailing prepare your new car properly

car valeting in milton keynes bedfordshire,luton,dunstable

Professional car valeting company

Quality speaks for itself

Interior is like new again / upholstery seats / carpets shampooed deep steam cleaned service

We come to you at your home or work Great time and care is taken on vehicle

Car valeting in flitwick,sandy,ampthill,bromham

We use autoglym products on your vehicle for amazing car valeting

Audi TT

Professional car valetingwith a reputation for restoring & protecting your car

Audi TT receiving a showroom car valet

Never looked this good before

Is your convertible hood in need of a good deep clean and protection?

Great valet on car

Great valet on car! - after 6 hours of professional car valeting on Fiat 500

Specialist car valeting/detailing services

You wont be disappointed with our car valeting, call us today for your requirements

Car valeting in bedford,kempston,maulden,silsoe

Fantastic job

Fantastic job - Transform the look and finish of your vehicle which will add value when you sell the vehicle for top price

Car valeting in sharnbrook,clophill,riseley,harrold

Transforming the look

Car detail will can take 8 hours to do, depending on size & condition of paintwork, gtechniq ceramic coatings

Transforming the look of your new car now by using a profesional detailer

We use premium products on your car

Car valeting in leighton buzzard,houghton regis

Professional mobile valeting, car detailing & paint protection company comes to you

Unbeatable durability for 6-8 months

Ask about our paint protection packages

Car valeting in biggleswade,marston moretaine,great barford,shillington,

 Paintwork now polished

Paintwork now polished to a amazing gloss finish by Harvey who takes pride in his work

I love my BMW and thats why i use Smartshine car valet / detailing services - Harvey is the best by far

I love my BMW

Discounts for multiple car clients,for monthly car maintenance treatments,detailing top-up

Gtechniq new car detail using crystal lacquer and 2 coats of exo

paint protection in London and all surrounding areas

Professional car detailing, paint protection in London and all surrounding areas, call today for more details

New car paint protection detail using gtechniq C1 - No more swirls marks

My Range Rover looks even better now, the day it left the dealership - Harvey is a perfectionist and takes pride in his work

Porsche Macan receiving a gtechniq new car detail at Porsche in Hatfield

Porsche Macan

Protection your new car with gtechniq crystal lacquer coatings againt swirl marks

Perfectionist work has to be seen, another very happy client with work carried out

Ask us about new car paint protection detail, protect it properly!

Removing surface bonded contaminants free inspection / demo on your car today

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