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Range Rover booked for gtechniq C1 

new car paint protection

Range Rover

Car detailing & paint protection in london and all surrounding areas

Buying a brand new car soon? - Let us prepare it for you with gtechniq ceramic paint protection that lasts for 5 years and will protect car against swirl mark. Massive difference to paintwork after gtechniq detail.

Many customers have booked their brand new cars with us for a gtechniq new car protection detail because in the past they have allowed main dealerships to apply Supagard, Lifeshine, Diamondbrite which hasn't protected their cars for long, waste of money and is applied poorly by valeters.

We are a professional mobile car detailing company that can carry out a new car protection detail at your car dealership or at your home. Our car detailing is not rushed in anyway and we ensure your car will receive a top level car detailing service every time. Buying a new car soon? - Let us prepare and protect it.

Gtechniq gives a wet gloss look and with gtechniq crystal lacquer and 2 coats exo is applied on top this brand new Range Rover Vogue which now looks stunning. Customer said my car never looked this good at the car dealership, its a mirror!. Speak to Smartshine car detailing who will offer you the best protection.

The coating continues to cure in the hours following application before leaving an amazing durable, and relatively scratch resistant surface that can last for as long as 5 years.The glass coating makes cleaning

my car effortlessly easy to clean and more important stops swirl marks with great scratch resistance : C1 forms a sub micron crystalline film which is extremely hard. The perfect protection for your pride of joy.

Range Rover Vogue - booked in for gtechniq new car detail with C1 & EXO

Brand new Range Rover Vogue before detail

Told client dont worry with dust, let us wash the car safely for you with care guaranteed

booked in for gtechniq

Gtechniq new car detail by Smartshine car detailing for a amazing gloss finish

Smartshine car detailing for a amazing gloss

Range Rover that we carried out new car protection detail using Gtechniq coatings

Car dealership offered me their paint protection for £600, its done in 1 hour by car valeters

My Range Rover looks stunning after a professional car detail by Smartshine

Range Rover Vogue now looks 10x better now than at the car dealership prep

Range Rover Vogue now looks

Buying a new car? - Let us prepare it for you! New car detail will take 1 day to complete. Detail carried out at dealership or your home

Stage 1 machine polish first to remove swirls and to increase gloss depth to paintwork first

We use gtechniq C1,serum and exo coatings

Alloy wheels were protected with Gtechniq C5 alloy wheel armour

Alloy wheels were protected

Gtechniq C5 wheel armour provides a barrier against brake dust and road grime build up

Alloy wheels clean so easy now with coating on

Buying a new/used car? - Let us prepare your car properly for perfect paintwork

Buying a new/used car?

Car detailing for ASM Performace

Porsche 911 Turbo booked in for swissvax enhancement detail and paint protection

Having your car professional detailed will increase the appearance and value of car

Dealership tried selling protection £600 and will take 1 hour to do over poorly prepared paintwork by valeters

​Gtechniq car detailing & protection

Gtechniq car detailing & protection in beds,bucks,cambs,herts,london,mayfair

Masked up ready for paint correction process to increase high gloss depth to paintwork

We can apply gtechniq or swissvax coatings

Is your car suffering with swirls marks?

50/50 image of a very badly swirled Porsche next booked in for enhancement detail

We can safely machine polish out swirl marks

Highly experienced car detailers

Highly experienced car detailers that will make sure your vehicle is protected properly with lasting paint protection

Paintwork protected with ttechniq C1 & exo for a amazing shine and protection that will last for 5 years

Paintwork protected

Gtechniq car detailing in knightsbridge, belgravia, hyde park, pimlico, south kensington, chelsea, fulham,notting hill

Shocking to see another poorly prepped car by car dealership who sent car out with swirl marks

Masked up for stage 1 machine polish to enhance paintwork before applyling gtechniq

Mobile car detailing & paint protection in london and all surrounding areas

 ​​​car detailing & paint protection

The treatment begins with the car given a pre-clean snow foam

Need indoor space if detail done at your home

pre-wash using soft lambswool wash mitt with two bucket method

pre-wash using soft lambswool

Gtechniq long life coatings will last 10 times longer than dealership products

Smartshine spent 8 hours

And here are the end result with the new car detail by Smartshine car detailing specialist

Booked Harvey to prepare vehicle first with machine polish before apply gtechniq

Smartshine spent 8 hours to enhance the painwork, amazed with the attention to detail

Gtechniq C1 followed by exo to protect paint for longer and increase slickness

protect paint

So it makes sense to have your car protected right from the very start in order to preserve its appearance and protect with the best

Range Rover Vogue - Gtechniq new car detail using serum and exo ultra durable coatings

I have the shinest white car in town now!

Leather treated with Gtechniq LI leather guard to protect against spillage

Leather treated

Gtechniq L1, no dye transfer from your jeans and to protect leather from drinks spillage

Protecting your brand new leather

50/50 image of massive difference to paintwork now after a machine polish

machine polish

Looking for professional car detailer?

Light scratches and swirl marks can be safely machined polish to enhance the paintwork

Looking for a car detailer? to look after your stock, increase profit, sell cars quick

Smartshine car detailing took 1 day to prepare paintwork before applying gtechniq crystal lacquer to vehicle

 car paint protection

Gtechniq new car paint protection in beds,bucks,cambs,herts,london,chelsea

End results after swssvax enhancement detail and protection, you choice of coatings

Call today for all your car detailing requirements

Call us for gloss enhancement detail

have booked Smartshine car detailing to detail my car again to look after this finish

Massive transformation to paintwork now

ultra durable

Gtechniq C1 was applied as the base coat and left to cure before topping with 2 coats of gtechniq exo ultra durable

Gtechniq new car paint protection in london,knightsbridge,chelsea,


crystal lacquer

Gtechniq car detailing in mayfair, covent garden, hyde park, marylebone, park lane, st john's wood,westminster, kensington, 

Once the paintwork is perfect we can then start apply gtechniq crystal lacquer to paintwork

Client requested a extra coat of gtechniq exo to increase high gloss and slickness finish

Professional car detailing company for ASM Performance in Milton Keynes

car detailing company for ASM

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